Vocational Skills for Women

About the Program
Girls and women, in the Indian society, have always been referred to as second class citizens. In a family with limited income where a boy and a girl is born, the boy is sent to school to get education while the girl stays in the household. Many an attempt, today, is made towards bringing equal status of women as of men and the effort at ACT under the vocational skills program is one such attempt.
With the aim of empowering women from disadvantaged background, the Vocational Skills for Women support these women, financially and in kind. This support helps them undergo the required training to attain employability skills while also helping them with necessary skills such as cloth sewing, body care, etc. This program was launched with the purpose of enabling women from these communities attain financial independence.

Program Highlights

ACT provides financial support and carrier counseling for selection of commercial training and coaching. ACT evaluates the skills, competences and education and financial status and needs. All contributions and support is directly extended to the institute imparting the Vocational Training.

Stories of Hope

Pinki, from a family below poverty line, ACT provided support to undergo training in Lal Bahadur Shatri Training Institute for Beautician Course, today she has placement, earning bread & butter and taking care of siblings education and supporting family.