Avikrishna Home for Elderly

With the development taking place and the change of societal and familial norms, a good percentage of the population of elderly in India do not have any one to care for them, that too at a crucial time when they are in need of most attention and care. This results in development of a feeling of dejection and psychological illness such as depression etc. In an attempt to provide a family and a caring environment for them, Avikrishna Home for elderly was conceptualized. This home, at present is planned in the Delhi and NCR areas where the change of society has had most effects.
This home aims at providing the elderly, a safe haven and a home-like atmosphere with opportunities and freedom for re-creation, whereby, they remain occupied as also bettering their skills.
The process for acquisition of land for the home is underway and our dedicated team at ACT looks forward to the start of the home soon, to be filled with the wisdom and wits of the old.