Schemes under which Donations

Schemes under which Donations/Grants could be made
In ACT, the following four are the common ways through which donations are accepted:

General Corpus Fund
This mode of donation is mainly to make the initiatives of ACT sustainable and for the donation to have a longer effect. You may choose to donate in the corpus where the capital would remain as an investment and only the interest incurred form the capital would be used for development of Old Age Home..

General Donation
If, at any point, you do not want to specify which programme or initiative you would like to support but simply want to make a donation to the good cause, you may choose to donate under the General donation, also known as unspecified donations. The team at ACT would then choose the best means of using your donations.

For you to have a first-hand experience of the team at ACT, you may also choose to sponsor one beneficiary or a number of beneficiaries, as per you choose. This sponsorship then allows you to directly see for yourself, the results that your donation has brought in the life of an underprivileged.