1. What is ACT?
    ACT is a voluntary charitable organization Established in 2008 for the upliftment and betterment of the underprivileged children, distress Women and senior citizens.
  2. Is ACT associated with some political parties?
    No, ACT is associated with all interested members and common man.
  3. ACT work for whom?
    ACT working for special children distress women’s, children living below poverty and in natural calamities etc.
  4. How many children are benefited till now by ACT?
    a) Approximately 20 children are benefited in promoting education. b) About 4 children are benefited for major treatment like Heart Surgery, Kidney Disorders in AIIMS and other Govt. Hospital from all over India. c) About 20 old age individuals have under gone through successful cataract surgery.
  5. What is object of org (ACT)?
    Develop best practices and support for the underprivileged children, work towards protection and provision of developmental needs of the elderly and Inculcate vocational skills in disadvantaged women for financial independence and empowerment.
  6. Working Area of ACT?
    a) ACT working nationwide for the cause and care and has adopted schools in Delhi where more than 20 students are taking free education.
  7. Any special plans or system for women’s?
    Yes, ACT is supporting the needy widow women by providing vocational training.
  8. Does ACT have any material bank?
    Yes, ACT do accepts medical items and equipments like parallel bars, wheel chair, trampoline and teaching aids etc. etc.
  9. How can a common man work for the society through ACT?
    a) Voluntary any one can attach him self with organization to facilitate for health checkup camps, slum education, survey, free computer education, different awareness drives like special hygiene program, polio vaccination and HIV Aids etc. b) You can become donor member through sponsorship of needy children.
  10. Does ACT receive Government Funding?
    No. We do not receive any Govt. funding in turn allowing us to remain independent. The Government has extended certain TAX exemptions to us under section 80-G of IT Act 1961.
  11. In that case how does ACT raise resources?
    ACT raises resources through kind donations of concerned individuals and organizations. Organizations often opt to give a helping hand through adopting initiative or sponsoring ACT Events.
  12. Will my small contribution make any difference?
    Surely it will, All those small contribution put together add up to a lot.
  13. Are ACT Employees Paid for this work?
    No payments are made to employees or Trustees, whether directly or indirectly.